Webinar on Multispectral imaging for analysis of Jupiter’s atmosphere

Wednesday 1st Mar 2023

Many amateur observers take beautiful images showing the colours and methane-absorption of Jupiter’s multi-layered atmosphere, but the conclusions have been little more than descriptive, until now. Four international observers have recently developed carefully calibrated procedures for making and analysing these images, and will describe them in this webinar.

Click here to join the Zoom webinar or watch on the BAA YouTube channel. Attendance is free to all and there is no need to pre-book.

19:00 John Rogers (BAA): Introduction.

19:10 Christophe Pellier (France): Photometric imaging of jovian colours.

19:30 Steven Hill (Colorado, USA): Imaging to retrieve spatially resolved ammonia abundance.

19:50 Antonio Cidadão (Portugal): Imaging in methane bands to resolve the vertical structure of Jupiter’s clouds.

20:10 Barry Adcock (Australia): Imaging in infrared and ultraviolet wavebands.

20:30 Close (but discussion may continue).