One Day Spring Meeting – “Planets in our solar system and beyond”

Saturday 29th Apr 201708:00

The British Astronomical Association

One Day Meeting

Saturday 29th April 2017


The Birley Centre, 49 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4EF

Doors Open at 10:00 and the meeting will close at 18:00


The theme of this meeting, organised in conjunction with the Eastbourne Astronomical Society, is Planets in our solar system and beyond. Talks will cover current and future planetary missions and how amateurs can contribute, either by making observations from the ground or by analyzing and processing data released into the public domain.

Our speakers for the day will be:


Dr John Rogers – “Jupiter”

 Mr Michael Foulkes – Amateur observations of Saturn”

Prof David Rothery – “Mercury: new insights into the Sun’s closest planet”


                                                                                             Pictures courtesy of NASA & ESA 


Dr Guillem Anglada Escude – “Proxima b, planets around red dwarfs and the search for life beyond the Solar System”

Dr Eamonn Kerins – “Exoplanet science in the era of many worlds”


                                                                                  Pictures courtesy of NASA

The cost for refreshments (tea or coffee at registration, lunchtime & afternoon tea) is £2.00 for BAA/EAS and affiliated society members, and accompanied children under 16, £4.00 for non-members. An optional buffet lunch is available for £8.00 (for members, non-members and under 16’s) if booked in advance. We are advised by the local group that it is a good 10 minutes’ walk into town, where there are a number of cafes and sandwich places.

 Retailers attending: BAA Sales, W&W Astro, 365 Astronomy and F1 Telescopes


The Birley Centre, 49 Carlisle Road, Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN21 4EF

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Booking Information

Advance booking is required for this meeting. You can do this by:

  • Booking through the BAA online shop.
  • Printing out our PDF booking form and return it to the BAA office before 2017 April 20.
  • Contacting the BAA office on 0207 734 4145 (staffed 9am to 5pm, Mon-Fri).