‘The Astronomer’ 50th Anniversary Meeting, Basingstoke

Friday 9th May 201422:00

2014 marks the fifieth anniversary of the foundation of The Astronomer in 1964, and the tenth anniversary of the foundation of Basingstoke Astronomical Society.

The two organisations are joining forces for a joint celebration, fifty years to the day after the first meeting of The Astronomer.

Provisional speakers and talk titles are:

  • Alan Lorrain: Planetary Nebulae Mimics
  • Paul Abel: ‘Uranus: An Aquamarine Mystery’
  • Peter York: ‘Ramblings of a Casual Astronomer’ 
  • Robin Catchpole: ‘The Universe Unveiled’
  • Mark Kidger: ‘Herschel’s violent ice’
  • John Stapleton: ‘Amateur Astronomy – Why do we do it?’

A booking form is available here.


St Mary's Church Hall, Basingstoke (TBC)

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