‘The Astronomer’ magazine Annual General Meeting

Friday 12th Apr 201922:00

All BAA members as well as TA subscribers are welcome to this annual meeting of our sister organisation.  

Talks include:

  • BAA’s Exoplanet Initiative: Roger Dymock
  • New Horizons update: Alan Lorrain
  • The Violently variable high-energy Universe: Professor Ian McHardy (School of Physics & Astronomy University of Southampton)
  • The Wonders of Supernova Explosions: Dr. Cosimo Inserra (School of physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University)
  • Comets, their observation using a CCD and telescope: Peter Carson.

Other speakers to be announced.

Enquiries to Guy Hurst, guy@tahq.demon.co.uk


St Mary's Church Hall, Goat Lane, Basingstoke, Hants.

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