Webinar – The Daylight Fireball of 20th March 2021

Wednesday 15th Sep 202117:00

This week’s webinar will be on The Daylight Fireball of 20th March 2021, by Dr John Mason, Director of the BAA Meteor Section.

Occurring shortly after the Winchcombe meteorite fall this was a very different event. The only video we have is dashcam footage obtained from St. Helier. A short version of this is on the ITV News website here:


There is also a still photo from Jersey, a single weather satellite image and an infrasound sonic boom recording. John will describe the work needed to put all the pieces together in order to work out the meteor’s trajectory.

It’s a fascinating detective story.

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For anyone who does not wish to join via Zoom or is unable to install the software, then we will also be streaming the webinar on our BAA YouTube channel. Please note you will be unable to ask questions via YouTube.

If you do not have access to a computer or have a problem with the above methods, then you can listen to the webinar on a phone, though you will pay for the call at your usual rate and you won’t have the benefit of seeing the presentation. A list of numbers can be found here, and you will need to key in the webinar id 548 739 039 to join.