2016 observing stats

Gary Poyner

Can’t believe it’s been a year since we last did this…

2015 numbers in brackets

Clear Nights (50% or less cloud) 33 (24)
Partially Clear (50% or more cloud)  62 (80)
Total 95 observable nights (104) with 37 of these nights under Moonlight.
I missed 10 nights due to various reasons.
On 40 occasions the BBC weather forecast for cloud cover was incorrect.
Total hours at telescope 223.33 hours (206.88h)
Best month August with 13 nights – 10 clear and 3 partially clear (June 16)
Worst month June with 2 nights – 0 clear and 2 partially clear (Dec 4)
Total visual Variable Star observations 8,022 (7,741).  Only 598 single CCD observations made this year.  This is due to the demise of the BRT and a lengthy Monsoon in the SW of the USA where my AAVSOnet instruments are based.
Happy New year to everyone