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William Bristow

Hi Robin, Callum.

The jump ahead is working for me using Safari Browser on a Mac, and also on iPad, but with a very long delay (eight minutes on a fast fibre connection), while the entire video up to the chosen jump point loads in the background, and the video only loads up to that point, viewing after that jump point is loaded and shown on demand.

If you want to freely scroll through the video for a particular point without watching the whole thing then click on the scroll bar somewhere near the end of the video and wait while the video loads in the background, eventually the video will begin playing from the jump point you selected, once this happens you can freely scroll back and forwards over any part of the video that lies before that jump point.

I have seen this behaviour with video content on several websites lately and it is due to a combination of the embedded video player that is used and the bandwidth allocated to the video stream on the website server.

You might find it simpler, and much faster, to mouse-right-click on the video pane after it begins to stream and select “Download Video” which will copy the video content to your download folder as a .mp4 file, and then view that video in any suitable player where you will be able to search backwards and forwards in real time.

The video you linked to is almost 0.9Gb and carrying out a download of the entire video this morning on a fast fibre connection took about eight minutes, and that is almost exactly the same length of lag that you will experience when jumping ahead to a point near the end of the video in the embedded video player that this BAA webpage is using.

In comparison, a 2Gb video download from other streaming services (Apple TV, Netflix etc) takes just over a minute on my fibre connection here so it would appear that the BAA server is throttling download speed for the video content somewhat and combined with the embedded players requirement to load all the video stream up to the jump-to point is not providing a very user friendly experience.