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David Arditti

Yes, what Andy has said is correct.

The programming that is stalled because the programmers are in Ukraine is the overall programming for the system as used by all users, commercial and non-commercial. The idea was that when the basics of the system were working, a few of us would test it, then develop some instructions and make a web tutorial for members. The allocation of time to BAA members was (in part) a transaction in return for our advertising the company, and crediting it in any papers that used results from the telescope. The level of interest would determine whether we needed to devise a system of prioritising certain users. We might have just decided to pay for more time so as to avoid needing to prioritise anyone. If it proved really popular, buying footprint at the facility for a BAA-only telescope on the same system would have been considered as a later stage.

I hope to be able to impart some more news soon.