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Maxim Usatov

Thanks, Jeremy!

Today’s data – really interesting. Note the eclipse profile is asymmetric with what appears to be a gentler egress on the first event. The second dip is ~ 0.1898 d from the first one, so looks like I was lucky and that is the second eclipse this night, also with a gentle egress. Could be something going on with the accretion disk?

Seeing conditions improved later into the night, with better precision on the second eclipse. Periodic interruptions in the light curve are refocusing events at 30-minute intervals. The telescope decided it wants to autofocus near both minima. I’ll increase the period to 60 minutes to minimize this effect.

If I combine this data with the previous night’s run (with polynomial fit to remove the trend) I get 0.189617 +/- 0.07808 d period reported using the ANOVA algorithm, which appears to be in good agreement with the 0.1893 +/- 0.0006 d period used by Bruch et al. (1997).

All the data is in AAVSO and BAAVSS databases.