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Daryl Dobbs

Hi Andy,
That’s interesting they claim the postcodes cover many houses, where I live there were 4 results close by, when I zoomed in on my red dot it was over my house as it was last time in 2021. When I zoomed on the nearest one to me it also zoomed in to their house and the person concerned has an observatory and did indeed take part, the next closest one was the same as it zoomed in to their house and the person concerned also has quite expensive equipment. So their response about the postcodes don’t agree with the graphic on their website, at least that’s where I live, it would be interesting if anyone else who took part has the marker over their house.

I think it’s a bit naïve of them to assume most taking part hasn’t got expensive equipment, 3 of those near me, myself included has expensive equipment but the 4th person I’m not sure about.

Personally it’s put me off contributing in the future.

I totally agree if they want their results taken seriously they should publish detailed analysis, going from 7-8000 in 2021 ( there website give both figures so how many did take part?) to 2500 is quite a drop and was this taken into account when they reached their conclusions.

I like the letter in the last journal, the author does raise some interesting points.

best wishes

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