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Maxim Usatov

CG Dra Eclipse Zoo. First attempt at systematization. I see 7 eclipse profiles. Some may be artifacts. QROF on the right is whether profile has been seen in Quiescence, Rising, Outburst and Fading stages.

Some comments:

1) What is the difference between Broad-U/N/A and U/N/A profiles? It looks like the width of the “U” shape signifies the size of the accretion disk, i.e. we are seeing larger accretion disk during the rise and the fade, and smaller disk during the quiescence. Could as well be a flickering artifact, i.e. this is a single profile type.

2) U/L/S profile is expected during the outburst and fading stages, with bright accretion disk and relatively dim “bright” spot with the lack of the orbital hump.

3) Why we see V/N/A profiles during outbursts? The light curve is supposed to be dominated by the accretion disk, and here we see bright spot during the outburst in an asymmetric profile, i.e. a mix of a bright spot and accretion disk eclipse. Is this expected for dwarf novae?

4) What is the difference between V/L/S and U/L/S states?

5) V/H/HA and Sharp-V/H/HA are expected near quiescence, as the flux is dominated by the compact bright spot in a highly asymmetric light curve, and we see a sharp eclipse of it.


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