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Maxim Usatov

Eclipses No(s): 27, 28
State: Quiescent
Data Quality: Good (check star sigma = 0.045)

Holy cow. What’s going on here? I thought there was something wrong with my telescope.

How do you measure the bright spot here? I assume the quiescence is somewhere in the middle of the chart, at 16.89 mag, and the bright spot before the second eclipse pushes it all the way up to 16.75 mag – an amplitude of 0.14 mag. Note two-step increase in brightness in the orbital hump – first to 16.85 mag, then the second one to 16.89 mag.

The profile is a new type, U/H/A, never seen before. It is similar to U/L/S, except that here we see a very prominent bright spot.

Lots of flickering – at the bright spot apperance, orbital hump, at the minimum, and the egress. Note the post-egress 0.05 mag dip, then sudden rise of 0.1 mag, then ~ 0.5 mag dip. Flickering? I don’t think so. Exactly the same structure is visible in both eclipses tonight. Is this the second bright spot or, perhaps, stream overflow? Could the second bright spot/stream explain the 2-step rise, and the post-egress hump?

LOTS of questions.


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