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Maxim Usatov

Paul, I wonder if we can use the size of the accretion disk to predict outbursts – something to look into.

Eclipses No(s): 31, 32
State: Outburst
Data Quality: Very good (check star sigma = 0.025)

Expected symmetric eclipses with low orbital hump – the accretion disk is now as bright as the bright spot, concealing it almost completely.

The first eclipse appears to be V-shaped (V/L/S) with standstill on egress, signifying compact bright spot. The second eclipse appears to be U-shaped (U/L/S) without standstill – amazing the amount of changes seen in just 4 hours.

The character of flickering has changed, especially during the second eclipse. Note how smooth the minimum in the second eclipse is. This is not usually seen in quiescent eclipses where bright spot flickering is prominent during the minima.