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Maxim Usatov

Eclipses No(s): 33
State: Fading
Data Quality: Very good (check star sigma = 0.023)

Another surprise from CG Dra. Of course, the meridian flip had to occur on minima (double-checked with Peranso). Here we see no ingress hump, but post-egress hump of ~ 0.1 mag amplitude – haven’t seen this before. Is this part of an asymmetrical accretion disk outshining the flickering source?

We also see wild pre-ingress and post-egress flickering of up to 0.14 mag – nothing signifying we shouldn’t trust this data. Post-egress standstill.

This curve had me to introduce another type of eclipse profile observed. I’ve catalogued it as ?/L/PEH (unknown shape, low orbital hump amplitude, post-egress hump).