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David Basey

I guess the point is whether the overall site traffic has dropped off as well. If the updates have fallen more than the overall views then perhaps there is an impediment.

Personally I do find I’m ‘liking’ less frequently. The reason is simple, the need to login every time to do anything other than just view. On the old site I could idly scan through the gallery when ever I felt like it and ‘like’ images there and then because the old site kept me logged in. Nowadays I have to log in to do anything. This takes me away from the gallery to login and then go back to to the gallery to find the image again before ‘liking’ it. Often its just too much faff!

There may be a psychological element here, if it had always been this way perhaps I would not be saying this but as it is I feel this is definitely a backward step.

Is there any possibility of retaining logins? After all the BAA is not a bank, the security implications are not profound particularly since even when logged into the site if you want to change your SheepCRM details it is necessary to login to that separately.

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