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It would be interesting to see if there were similar postings in the forum the last time the website had a major overhaul. I suspect there was.

I think resolving the issue about having to log in every visit would be good, and if you could get rid of the page immediately after logging on which tells you that you are logging in would be good too.

I do think summer is a quiet time for the website traditionally, but like others have said, I am conscious my visits have reduced in recent times. I think some of this is down to the fact I mostly visit from my phone, and I’m yet to bond with the way the new website appears on my phone. There seem to be lots of graphics that presumably indicate different parts of the website, but as I’ve not linked the pictures to the graphics yet it all just looks foreign still. I suspect the graphics wouldn’t be missed on my iphone, and just having text links would be sufficient.

If it was possible, I’d also reinstate the option to be able to start a new forum thread from within the different fora, rather than having to somehow go back, go back, go back to the start of all fora and then click start new.

I also miss being able to click a members name or picture and being able to send them an email directly. That was a really useful feature.

I’ve not explored or done much else to comment, but overall I think I’ve not used it enough to learn my way around, and none of us like change.

We also have to remember most of this is probably undertaken by volunteers.

James Dawson