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stan armstrong

On the Good side.. we must all be grateful that the term ‘Cookies’ is not mentioned.
and the Impact of the Site upon Readers is as good as any Site I see..
As a Scousa and an old Bulletin Boards person [300/75Hertz.. No Kbs or Mbs !]
it terrifies me.. as it seem to demand an Academic Input..
which I left behind in the previous Century.. never having needed it in my Career.

Upon reading this discussion earlier..
I decided that I would post an Input on ‘NLCs’.
This I did.
I noted the 4M limit but noticed there was..
No longer ‘Helpful Guidance’ as to Limit for fitting the picture to the Input..
which would have been appropriate for descriptive details.
Possibly that is now not a facility?..
I had no idea where I had seen the Helpful Phrases in the past..
so just posted as was.. so a Tiny copy was shown..

I then attempted to post feedback to this discussion..
My first input Bounced with something ‘akin to’ OR ‘to the effect’..
‘No Content Identity’..
After dabbling.. and not being able to find my Input again
Seems that as an ‘Older Reader’..
I had ‘ Not seen’ the Dropdown Box..
as I guess it had not struck me that my input was anything other than
part of this discussion.
The default entry is a Blank..
which I then changed to ‘General Discussion’ or some such.

Despite the little Niggles above.. we still should be proud that
we have a First Class Site..
Oh.. and the first class ‘Edge Password Memory’ enables me to access
the Site with merely CLICK/CLICK.

stan armstrong