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Maxim Usatov

Eclipses No(s): 52, 53
State: Bright outburst

As per discussion with Jeremy Shears, I am now calling this CG Dra state a “bright outburst,” to avoid confusion with SU UMa superoutbursts.

Post-egress humps (PEH) amplitude appears to have decreased significantly to barely noticeable in the light curve (more pronounced in the phase plot), so I am filing these as U/L/S and V/L/S eclipses with low (or no) orbital hump and symmetric profiles. It’s actually difficult to say what qualifies as a symmetric profile, as we still can observe a gentler egress in both eclipses. Nevertheless, given that the egress magnitude is approximately equal to the ingress, ignoring very mild PEH, I think we can call this a symmetric profile.

Interesting dips in the curve. We can observe normal ~ 0.1 mag flickering throughout the curve except the minima, however, there is also 0.15 mag dip near the center of the chart, followed by a flat top. Note that flickering decreases down to ~ 0.05 mag at both minima. This may mean that high-amplitude and slow flickering events originate in the bright spot, while low-amplitude and fast flickering originates in the uneclipsed parts of the accretion disk.