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Daryl Dobbs

It seems from the information in this link someone spent a lot of money renovating it, apparently it was pending sale then withdrawn?

With the amount of work carried out and since it’s a wooden built in 1870 I wonder how sound the structure is? and did that cause the sale to fall through as it is still unsold from what I can tell.

It seems the family still have the optics from Leslie’s telescopes but that depends on what source you read? The Merry-go-round observatory is interesting and it seems from the information below the MVAS had to replace the wooden structure and only use the original mechanics less the telescope which the family kept. Triggers Broom comes to mind.

I managed to get hold of a copy of Starlight Nights and I found it very interesting. The AAVSO link above is a very interesting read and very informative about what is left from Peltier’s time. I wonder if America has a Blue Plaque scheme similar to the UK as Peltier’s house deservers some sort of recognition, apparently just outside the Delphos library is a statue of him?