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Maxim Usatov

Thanks, Jeremy! Good test for the autonomous operation. Looks like our scripts are now handling most of the software/hardware random bugs. At this point, I simply define the object, area of the sky and the A1 telescope wakes up, cools down, homes the mount, centers the focuser, slews, begins the imaging plan when the object is visible, etc – once the roof opens. The server in London data center pulls all the FITS in the morning, does photometry and I get e-mails with BAA/AAVSO report files. No interaction required whatsoever except for to produce the charts. Hopefully just a little more effort with the web UI interface and we can begin serving time for BAA on it.

I see that for some reason the most interesting curve from August 21 with PEHs has failed to upload. I’m attaching it here.


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