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You are lucky, here in Italy the stars have practically disappeared from the sky. Today was a very clear day, this evening (21 UTC+2H) the sky is still without the Moon but very few stars can be seen (5 in all including Jupiter in the east). The sky in Italy is a real disaster. From the high plateau of Campo Imperatore (2100 m) there used to be clusters of stars with the Milky Way marvellous, so that the constellations could be spotted with great difficulty. Now, clear skies, glimpses of cities near and far, mists. The eyepiece field is white! Pollution would not exist if the air was not laden with aerosols from industrial waste and cars. Light is backscattered by molecules (Rayleigh scattering) and aerosols (Mie scattering) + various optical effects (reflection from particles much larger than the wavelength of light).

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