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Daryl Dobbs

I’ve observed Jupiter several times in the past couple of weeks, NEB does indeed seem a brownish colour and the GRS pale and small, watching the antics of the satellites are interesting. Last night was frustrating, cloudy when I looked out at 8:30 but when I looked out just before 10 not a cloud in the sky, by which time I gave up all hopes of observing due to work the next day.

Sky clarity recently hasn’t been all that good, but we live not far from Newport, Cardiff and across the river Bristol.

Saturn and its satellites are disappearing into the tree line, pity as it’s an enjoyable planet to observe, such are the joys of living in a valley, I’ve only seen Neptune and Uranus once recently but due to the turbulent hazy air they were just feature less blobs.

When the clouds clear it’s back to the variable stars.