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Maxim Usatov

Thanks, Jeremy. Glad to be back.

Eclipses No(s): 93
State: Bright Outburst?

It looks like CG Dra is rising into bright outburst mode – this is the brightest it’s been since the last bright outburst. A pattern could be emerging with the last outburst of the cycle being fainter than the previous one before bright outburst – but too early to tell.

Given that this should be an accretion disk (AD) dominated state where no bright spot should be promiment, a bright feature at phases 0.75-0.90, I think, can be interpreted as the re-emergence of the AD from the preceding fade that peaked at phase 0.75 – perhaps, due to the obscuration of a bright inner AD region by the stream overflow. The geometry should be compatible. Within this interpretation, this eclipse is V/L/S-type – V-shaped, no orbital hump, symmetric.