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Maxim Usatov

Hi All,

Strange things going on… The timing of minima keeps sliding. I’ve plotted the minimum a few days ago and it was right on the observed minimum. Tonight it is about 0.2 phase off. There is very little data, as it was shot through the hole in the clouds, but the eclipse was captured. Either this is a bug in my code or the period keeps changing. But the code here is rather straightforward – I get the epoch time and simply add periods to it to plot lines. How can a period drift by 0.2 phase in such a short period of time?

if self.plot_epoch > 0 and self.plot_period > 0:
extrema = []
current_extrema = self.plot_epoch
light_curve_start = light_curve[“DATE”].min()
light_curve_end = light_curve[“DATE”].max()
while current_extrema < light_curve_end:
if light_curve_end > current_extrema > light_curve_start:
print(“Ephemeris extrema:”, current_extrema)
ax0.axvline(current_extrema – 2400000.50, color=”green”, linestyle=’–‘)
current_extrema = current_extrema + self.plot_period


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