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Adam Rawlinson

Thanks for the reply
No, Astroart isnt doing anything clever. Its just spreading the RGB simulated channels across the visible image histogram. So using the histogram if i tweak the blue channel down then the central disk (becomes more defined as is overexposed in unstretched image) and likewise those prominences are all in the red channel (as transferred across from the mono image)
Its a 16bit image so loads of scope to tweak.

Im doing a BSc in Astronomy and have literally just started a heavy Solarastrophysics module. Trying to put it all into context with what can be seen.

The visible radiation from particle does technically display doppler effects (due to speeds of the material outflow) but yeah… .logically the mono chip (a Player One Neptune-M camera) sampling must be catching the whole passband if i think about it.

I have indeed tried tweaking the pressure passband adjustment and yes, have some images at different values. I shall have a play and see where it leads me!

Thanks again for coming back to me