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Alex Pratt

Many thanks for recording the AGM business proceedings and the very interesting talks. Our speakers spend a lot of time assembling their presentations, yet I see that the IoP continues with its policy of floodlighting the audience and directing spotlights at the display screens, washing out the finer details. Thumbs up to Nick James when I attended last year’s AGM, who kindly reduced the intensity of the illumination. (I’m slowly developing cataracts, and extraneous light impairs my viewing).

This ‘light trespass’ isn’t unique to the IoP, London. At other venues organisers and attendees have been aghast when I’ve suggested that we close the blinds and dim the lights. However, at last Saturday’s autumn meeting of the SHA in Birmingham, they only retained the inobtrusive safety lights on the theatre steps, so we could all enjoy the fine graphics on the screen.

It’s much clearer for me to watch talks on YouTube, and the few meetings I now attend are to meet friends and contribute documents to the BAA’s archives.

Clear skies,

Alex – The Commission for Dark Lecture Theatres 🙂