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Robin Leadbeater

Here is a spectrum tonight (R=1000 using an ALPY 600 with a narrower than usual 10um slit)
It is very red but clearly heavily reddened by interstellar or circumstellar dust

VSX suggests a very wide range of spectrum classifications ranging from G to M2 but Keenan suggests K2i in his 1989 catalogue.…71..245K
Using the B,V brightness values in SIMBAD, this would imply for a K2i star an E(B-V) = 0.99. Dereddening my spectrum by this amount indeed gives a good match to the Pickles standard for K2i both in terms of the continuum shape and more importantly in the spectral line details (My spectrum is a slightly higher resolution which would explain the higher apparent intensity of the lines in my spectrum)

EDIT- trying to get the link working.. and failing 🙁 cut and paste it if you need to