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Duncan Hale-Sutton

A fascinating discussion – and I am looking forward to the conclusion as I try to lose weight every year around this time and would like some tips on how to do better in future!

Hi Alan. I would like to help you with your weight-loss plan, however, I think dark matter decay may not help you with your regime. I don’t think there is really enough of it in each of us to be helpful. This article seems to imply that there might only be about 0.0018% mass of the earth in the whole solar system and I reckon, though I haven’t calculated what that equates to per meter cubed, that this doesn’t amount to much in each of us. Perhaps, a more effective way would to lose weight would be to cut your nails as did Tony in an episode of Men Behaving Badly that I recall.


PS Sorry about the edits – having trouble with my bbcodes!