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Ken Whight

Hi David, I wouldn’t call my proposal a Theory as I have no mathematics to directly support it. I was just trying to find a way to understand how QM and GR could be made to fit together given that the current fashion of assuming GR must be quantised seems to be stalling or at least leading to some pretty wild cosmologies e.g. Multiverse. Perhaps the reverse option should be considered i.e. QM arises from our limited view of a wider more classical universe.
I attach a paper in which a physical problem (semiconductor device simulation) was numerically solved in the type of “space” I am imagining, though the cylindrical topology may not be required (ignore the wayward points in figure 4 and beyond, a faulty mobility model implementation was to blame). Currents are flowing at all points in the space and I would guess in this particular case that convergence to a solution of given accuracy would have been fairly chaotic throughout the space (I never looked at the convergence behaviour). If this was going to be a suitable paradigm to model our universe then the physics would need to be such that the convergence was more structured, like a crystal seeding and growing from a melt.
Sorry that’s all I have but I think there are avenues to explore to explain observations like entanglement, dark energy and dark matter as I set out in my previous attachment so the proposal should be falsifiable.