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Gary Poyner


Why do you think you are being admonished? The sequences for the BAAVSS visual charts have all been entered into the database. When you try to upload a visual observation, it’s checked against the sequence. If there is an error it finds it and doesn’t allow you to enter the observation. The AAVSO DB doesn’t do this. It just goes in – error and all! Our system is far superior.

If you use an AAVSO chart, our DB doesn’t have any sequence information for these charts. They don’t use a lettered sequence of course, and their chart ID is dynamic – and there are thousands of charts. So, our DB sees the chart reference, doesn’t recognise it, then informs you that the chart is unrecognized and that it can’t perform the check for errors. And thats it! The observation still goes into our DB. Most of my observations are made with AAVSO charts, and my data sits happily in the VSS database.

I just don’t understand your concerns!