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Dr Paul Leyland

From ATel 16050:

We searched the HST archival data for the progenitor of SN 2023ixf. A clear
source can be seen at the SN position (
in the F814W image from the HST program 9490 (PI: Kuntz), which was observed
on UT 2002-11-16. The source is, however, not visible in the bluer bands
(F435W and F555W). We measure a preliminary F814W magnitude of 24.39+/-0.08
for the source. Considering it as the candidate progenitor of SN 2023ixf
and using a distance modulus of 29.05 for M101 (Shappee and Stanek, 2011,
ApJ, 733), we obtain an approximate absolute magnitude (no extinction correction)
of -4.66, which is in line with a supergiant progenitor.