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Ken Whight

Thanks for all the comments. I am aware (but don’t fully understand) that experiments to test Bell’s in-equalities prove that there is no hidden variable classical interpretation of QM but I was hoping that by “widening the stage” some of the existing certainties might be circumvented.

Classical mechanics is deterministic and the whole of history is pre-determined so that our existence is like being in a completed movie and there is no reason that we should be conscious of any particular time.

Quantum Mechanics is probabalistic and history is built by random interaction outcomes as time flows and that history, once written, is fixed.

In the world view I am suggesting our past is still evolving to the tick of the external “computer clock” and our future is also developing to this clock with everything driven ultimately by “boundary conditions”. Our conscious existance is driven through a spacelike 4D world (there may well be more dimensions to account for all the “forces”) and what we call history exists only in our memories.