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David Arditti

I would not rule out the possibility that your 1.25″ Lunt solar wedge is sub-par. I don’t have experience with this unit, but I do have experience with the Lunt 1.25″ diagonal blocking filter units for H alpha telescopes. I tried two, the B600 6mm one and the B1200 12mm one. On the same telescope, the 12mm one was clearly better. However, and this is where I get to my point, I tried a home-brew experiment (that I do not recommend to anyone who does not know what they are doing) where I pulled the 12mm blocking filter out of the 1.25″ diagonal (it was glued in) and made (on a lathe) a straight tube unit of 2″ outer diameter to house it, and a 1.25″ eyepiece tube. I was then able to use my H alpha system with a 2″ diagonal. The result was clearly better. There was therefore definitely a quality difference between the 2″ diagonal I had substituted and both Lunt 1.25″ diagonals, that was perceptible even in typical poor daytime seeing conditions. The Lunt diagonals did not seem good when one pulled them apart – well-finished outside, weighty, but just crudely glued together inside, unlikely to be precise. One experience.