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Steve Holmes

I think you might have mis-understood my objection to the current situation James. I have absolutely no objection to anyone being nominated for any post or position, and I would agree with you that to have many nominations is eminently desirable for a number of reasons. However, once all nominations are in, if there are no more nominees than the number of posts of that type to be elected (i.e. one for officers, five for Trustee and five for non-Trustee Council Member) then those nominees should simply be deemed elected without further ado because that is going to be the outcome anyway. To ask the members to indulge in a ballot whose outcome is already certain does seem rather pointless. And I am certainly not suggesting any sort of “Buggins Turn” i.e. merely arranging for some favoured candidate to step into a post.

My suggestion does, of course, require an open and transparent nomination process, with the nominees published well in advance of the vote so members have an opportunity to nominate further persons (for any post) if they so wish. I may have missed such an announcement but I don’t think this is current practice, which may in some way suggest that “Buggins Turn” might be operating if, surprise surprise, there is only one nominee for a post when the voting forms come out.