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Dr Paul Leyland

I really like Aperture Photometry Tool by Russ Laher. Written by a professional photometrist at Palomar it works extremely well, is very flexible and is still being maintained. The author is very open to suggestions for improvement and has implemented a couple of mine. It already has elliptical apertures (useful for photometry of galaxies, etc, or on slightly trailed stars/asteroids) and Russ is considering adding capsule apertures for asteroidal trails. Recently APT has made a start on PSF photometry, which works rather better than aperture photometry in crowded fields.

APT is written in Java and runs on essentially all current operating systems. I can provide assistance and a few useful help-scripts if desired, one of which creates a spreadsheet output which is fully compatible with the BAA-VSS database. I use LibreOffice, so no Excel license required..

Available from and check out the Wikipedia page as well.

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