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Mr Ian David Sharp

A few first impression comments about the suggestions. Working my way through them.

ASTAP intiates a Windows Defender warning.

Calibration Intro Tutorial for Tycho Tracker seems to suggest it’s for moving targets.

I have installed AstroImageJ, found the DP button but there is no option to process flat darks.
So I have found various tutorials but I’m getting the impression they are for CCDs which do use bias frames I believe.

Trying not to be too negative but I think I need something with very basic tutorials that walks you through it.


Hi Kevin,

I run ASTAP on 3 different PC’s and I’ve never seen a Windows Defender warning. ASTAP does deal with flat-darks as far as I can see but, as I said, I use PixInsight to create my master calibration files.

Tycho Tracker handles both static and moving targets, but I’m not sure it deals with flat-darks – I might be wrong.

I think you’re right about AstroImageJ – why not experiment with Bias frames and see what you get?

Lastly, I’ve found this calibration tool which looks interesting: