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Lars Lindhard

In JBAA Dec. 2023, the president writes as a reason for canceling honorary memberships

The BAA currently has most of its membership in the Senior (over 65s) category

This is unfortunately clear when we see pictures from the various events. Apparently very few younger people participate.

I myself have had the honor of being named an honorary member. Over the years, I have benefited greatly from the membership, and both I and the membership would survive, even if this distinction did not exist. And I would think that only very few would give up membership if they had no prospect of this honour.

So a scrapping of honorary memberships is unlikely to reduce the membership significantly.

However, this does not solve the age problem.

The question is whether BAA has become an old-fashioned institution that fails to attract the new generations.

The competition is of course tough today with all kinds of offers on-line, and I could fear that the situation is the same for the local clubs.

Instead of deleting the associations from the membership list, perhaps BAA should create advantageous membership offers for club members, so that we could get more younger people into the organization that way.