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Michael O’Connell

Sorry, inadvertently deleted my own message there. Reposting again:

Good to see the BAA actively reviewing it’s by-laws, membership structure and seeking to broaden it’s membership base whist maintaining prudent financial accounting practices.

It’s also great to see members actively involved and debating the measures – a sign of a healthy organisation.

As someone who is well away from achieving honorary status, it has always impressed me to see the names added to list each year.

I fully appreciate the accounting reasons for proposing such a change.
However, I note the points made above by Denis and Tony, which are quite valid.

Two financial-related questions if you don’t mind please:
1) Does ‘Honorary’ imply free posted hard copy, or is it limited to digital subscription only?
2) Aside from a couple of very large well publicised financial bequeaths in recent years, does the BAA receive many smaller bequeaths? And on this note, has the BAA actively looked at the benevolence element of fund raising? I am sure many members would like to support the organisation on their passing, if their personal financial position allowed and they felt that their monies would leave a tangible legacy for many years to come. The reason I ask is that maintaining a close relation with the older generation of members may bring in more financial benefits than the cost savings this measure may provide in the short term.

Regards & Thanks,