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Unfortunately, when it comes to light pollution here things are getting worse by the day. Surely you are familiar with the cycling event called Giro d’Italia Giro d’Italia. You also know that the cyclist who wins a stage will wear the ‘maglia rosa’ (pink jersey). The finish of the stage on 11 May 2024 will be in Prati di Tivo, a ski resort at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level just below the slopes of Corno Grande. The picture is the Corno Grande seen from Prati di Tivo. Corno Grande belongs to the Gran Sasso d’Italia mountain chain, it is the highest peak (2912 m) on the peninsula, populated by foxes, chamois, bears, wolves, snakes, wild boars, mice even on the peak you can see, lynxes, a wide variety of birds (eagles, crows, buzzards etc.). Well, brilliant idea from the organisers, guess what it is? Illuminating the whole of Corno Grande in pink! If this is done, there is no doubt that it will only be the first timid step towards an even worse process of not only light pollution of the mountain. Are we stupid or reckless enough?