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I read these remarks of yours with great interest, and I am actually amazed that such educated and reasonable people exist. You speak of respect for animals even with enlightenment. How nice it would be if it came to that in my region too. Here, in Gran Sasso, wild animals of various kinds abound, but there is no consideration or respect for them. The fox is bad because it plunders hen houses, the wolf is the bad wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood tale. Not to mention the poor bear that even enters some villages in the national park and arouses keen interest among tourists. Two months ago, a bear with two cubs approached the fence of a house; the owner shot it twice in the back. The poor animal left the two cubs at the mercy of anyone, even wolves. Imagine if our administrators, our politicians, our technicians and how many others would dwell on blue light pollution and the effects on mammals (including humans) and insects. In my city, the old sodium-vapour street lamps have been replaced by LEDs. In an unused car park of 100X80 m2 there are 54 of them! Many point at 45°. Some lampposts also stand radiantly in the forecourt of the astronomical observatory at Campo Imperatore. Are we talking about a starry sky? For many it is something that does not exist. Faced with this marasmus, one should only do two things: be ashamed and correct oneself. But who does?