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Kevin Gurney

I seem to recall giving imPPG a quick try…(?)
As far as I know, these tools all use the standard Lucy-Richardson (LR) deconvolution algorithm. The Xterminator suite of tools in Pixinsight only became available last year and uses a deep neural net (so-called ‘AI’ or machine learning) approach. My understanding is that the nets have been trained to recover Hubble images from deliberately corrupted versions therein, and are therefore sensitive to galactic and nebula-like features. These new tools were a game-changer in deep sky imaging; suddenly we could extract astounding levels of detail from our data.
While not tuned for solar work, they appear to work better (in my opnion) than standard LR. Unfortunately they are only availaibe in Pixinsight – which is not free. Maybe there is an opening for someone to repeat the AI approach for solar and planetary… 🙂