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Nick James

I’ll be attempting to image 12P during totality. At 4th magnitude it should be fairly easy. At the 2020 eclipse I got C/2020 S3 (Erasmus) which was fainter (5th mag) and closer to the eclipsed Sun:

The trick will be to take lots of frames during totality, calibrate them with some very good flats and then stack them.

Seeing the comet visually will be very challenging. The sky will be fairly dark at this eclipse since the shadow is broad but it will probably be the equivalent of the western sky at the end of civil twilight. I’ve seen numbers such as 13 mag per square arcsec quoted. Think how hard it is to see a 4th mag comet in a very light polluted sky (say 16 mag per square arcsec). I’ll certainly be having a quick look with binoculars though!