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Alex Pratt

Hi Bill,

RMS meteor software records 10s captures throughout the night, so if a meteor camera is monitoring the T CrB field when the nova outbursts, it could contribute valuable photometry. Many such video meteor cameras use a 4 mm or 6 mm f.l. lens, reaching mag 6 at best. 12 mm and longer f.l. lenses fare a little better.

For meteor work the IR filter is removed from the lens, and the sensor is red sensitive, so that’s why Michael is considering adding a filter to obtain mag estimates nearer to visual.

Observers running an RMS video meteor camera(s) need to check if CrB passes through the FoV and be ready to save that series of Captured files for later photometry.

Jeremy has briefed us on the ‘Peltier Dip’. Let’s hope that T CrB follows its expected pattern and gives us fair warning. I hope it waits a while yet, at least until clear skies ever return to Yorkshire. 🙂