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Stewart John Bean

I have tried to answer my own question without particular success. Certainly gamma ray bursts (GRB) are detected about once per day by satellites. Close supernovae may have caused extinction events and ground based radio astronomy may have a chance. I think it is possible that at a dark site and with a whole sky detector sensitive to green light (from excited N2) you may detect something. I am not going out in a deck chair waiting for a few seconds flash!

The largest GRB so far was GRB 221009A ( on 2022 October 9) which was associated with a supernovae 2 billion light years away. . Search “A Significant Sudden Ionospheric Disturbance Associated with Gamma-Ray Burst GRB 221009A” .
The event was detected with a very low frequency radio SuperSID monitor.

Are the radio section aware?

Now a recurrent nova is not a supernovae and the radiation is not focussed in our direction, but it is a million times closer so who knows.