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Jeremy Shears

Hello Bill,

I looked at the BAA VSS and AAVSO data and R Lyr appears to be behaving “normally”, though the most recent data are from a week ago.
It is a semi-regular variable (SRB), spectral type M5, hence red as you found. The amplitude is small: 3.81 – 4.44 V.
The V-I is ~2.5 mag (brighter in IR than visual) – this varies a bit, in time with its overall brightness variations.
I can’t see any spectra in the BAA database.

As you say, these meteor cameras can very red sensitive.

Whilst you have your binoculars out (you don’t need such large ones, though these are good to pick up the colour, and you might be able to use naked eye), why not have a go at estimating its brightness to check where its at now? Chart here:

Finally, I note that R Lyr was discovered by the Mancunian, Joseph Baxendell in 1856.