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stan armstrong

Indeed, Duncan, it was a remarkable display, only surpassed by the one I witnessed over 30 years ago in my Loudwater Valley (M40 Jn3). My collection of refurbished old security cameras, some with just 2-megapixel resolution, allowed me to observe the event from various angles, from approximately 21:00 to 03:30 UT the following morning. While these cameras may not compare to even the most basic phone cameras today, the images they captured, though crudely assembled, reveal a fascinating progression of rays in terms of color, intensity, direction, and speed. The output process is slow, transferring via USB stick from recorders placed near the floor, and made even slower by my age-related infirmities. Yet, this slow pace affords me a precise approach to the observational content of the sequences I produce. Just minutes ago, after some diligent work, I sought some relaxation by visiting the IMO website—a welcome respite after losing access to the daily data from UKMON, which I often used and valued. I had captured the fireball event, designated as IMO 2340-2024, traversing through Cygnus, near Deneb, surrounded by, and mostly beneath, the blue/purple ionized rays. Currently, the IMO has no photographs or videos submitted for this event. To support visual observers, who are invaluable during special event surveys, my first priority is to edit a video of the fireball at 4 frames per second for submission to the IMO via the SPA. In the meantime, I am hopeful that a member of the BAA will assist me in creating a JPG still shot that captures the fireball’s dashed trajectory through the colorful skies. I’ve previously undertaken a meticulous course of manually ‘joining the dots’.. I Aam hopeful of the sort of guidance I would have received from ‘Dave Gavine and the Spectrum’ in earlier times.