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Alex Pratt

My next door neighbour to the SW is half a mile away but the lights on his daughter’s horse paddock illuminate my lounge! Thankfully they aren’t used too often, and earlier, not later. Everything you say matches my experience here. I’ve tried asking for lights to be adjusted etc but no-one gives a …

Cheers, Alan.

Alan S – Many neighbours are unaware that their external lighting is a nuisance. Having a pleasant chat with them can sometimes resolve the problem. The other year a neighbour a little distance away from me installed a light that would have been visible from the next county. It brightly illuminated my house, part of the garden and observatory. I reported it to the local council as ‘light trespass’, an official came out to assess the problem and asked the resident to adjust their lighting. They still have an external light, although it’s not as blazing as before. Not an ideal solution, but I didn’t want to aggravate any dispute, and it’s now partly masked by bushes and trees.

Note to report any issues as ‘light trespass’, not as ‘light pollution’, ‘loss of night sky’ and never mention ‘astronomy’. Unfortunately, in some circles amateur astronomers are viewed as ‘nutters’ and this can work against you. My jaundiced opinion, but born out of years combatting light pollution!