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Alex Pratt

Hi Mark,

I took the observations from the Mission 29P page, but it wasn’t straightforward, because some entries aren’t in chronological order and there’s also G, T and V estimates in there. I used the R mags but then the full set (2023 Aug – 2024 May) created a wav file much larger than the 4 MB file limit.

Anyway, a rough and ready wav file is attached, covering 29P from 2024 Jan 16 to May 18.

At the Greenock meeting Nick James suggested that Astronify provide a user-friendly interface, such as an online webpage, where users could upload a csv file containing ‘time’ and ‘flux’ data, and it would automatically generate the wav file. Additionally, users would be able to modify the median pitch, duration between notes, select log or linear flux, etc. A nice little project for someone with any spare time…