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I am not too surprised by what you say about the frequency of cloudiness in the sky, I have always known that in the UK clouds and rain are frequent and inclement. However, even here in Italy some worsening variation seems to be happening, skies more often cloudy and above all less and less transparent. I am neither a visual observer nor do I take photographs, but for several years I have been observing, with a camera, the colours of the sky at sunset and sunrise. Well, for about a year now, the number of clear evenings (i.e. followed by clear nights) seems to have decreased; from an average of 6-8 clear nights per month, we seem to have fallen to 2-3.
Another thing I have noticed is the decreasing consistency of the snow in the Gran Sasso chain. Until a few years ago, one climbed the highest snow-covered peaks (over 2500 m altitude) with a boot and crampons, sinking a maximum of 10 cm. For a few years now, people have been sinking down to their knees and beyond, and the avalanches (and unfortunately also the victims) have increased. It’s the effect of climate change, agreed. But I can’t help but wonder if this is the only cause or if there is an external cause.