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Alan, I agree with you, the effect caused by planes is certainly not minimal. I too have observed many aircraft contrails in the air. The phenomenon has become more frequent since about a year ago. And I will tell you that I am now doing research to find out two things: 1) the photodissociation time of the combustion products ejected by planes into the atmosphere; 2) the floating time of the same in the air. The vast majority of discharges occur at the upper limit of the troposphere (10-12 km altitude), where the atmosphere (close to the stratosphere) is on average rather static. Therefore, the ground deposition time of long-lived photodissociated products will certainly be of the order of months to a couple of years. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people do not understand this. As you say, it is enough for many to eat, drink and watch the stars (the stars as it were) on television. This thoughtlessness is leading us to an irreversible situation, and afterwards those who want Christ pray to Him.